BANTU EXECUTIVE is an institute of studies, analysis and strategic advisory that is specialized in public affairs, geopolitics and geo-economics.

A network of professional experts, incorporated as an international

non-profit association (INPA) bringing together collaborators from the worldwide, an unparalleled group of high-level leaders and practitioners in the exercise of public authorities and private sector. Staff with a profound expertise involved in the implementation of projects with a unique perspective as well as wide and active network worldwide.


Areas of work

Strategy | Geopolitics | Geo-economics | Public Affairs

BANTU EXECUTIVE works for the support of public policy makers and business leaders to face current and future challenges related to geopolitical trends and risks, economic developments and global change through advice and analysis, and thus helping them for a better decision-making in a complex and evolving international landscape.



These are precisely the global political contexts, improving scenario analysis and probabilities, and thus capitalizing on geopolitical risks and opportunities.


Globalization and the opening of markets and national economies signify the opening of a new era, one in which the political interests of nations submit to their economic interests.



This involves identifying political risks and opportunities and supporting strategic relationships between private actors and public decision- makers. Translating business goals into political priorities.



BANTU EXECUTIVE emphasizes its activity and competence through strategy, advisory, analysis, dialogue, think, research, leadership and training.


  • Strategic advisory: Practical support to develop a winning strategy.

  • Analysis: Indisputable approach to take a new and critical look at the issues and thus facilitate decision-making.

  • Dialogue: Listening to allow effective consultation for adequate solutions.

  • Think: The implementation of the best and accurate strategy.

  • Research: Collecting practical information adapted to the challenges.

  • Leadership: Effective method to current challenges.

  • Training: The transmission of knowledge is the key to human development for the progress of society.

From Nadir to Zenith,

mankind in the core

of execution

Our mission & vision

Our mission is to foster human’s aspirations and potential for the benefit of the next generations.

We aim to strengthen the economic prosperity of African States by providing the best strategic advisory with integrity at the heart of everything we do.









Our values & principles

We are committed to excellence, integrity. Investing in people

Our logo, motto

& slogan

The term BANTU represents humanity as a whole and the two men represent the evolution of man in his knowledge, knowledge being evolutionary we are going up to the level of knowledge. From Homo sapiens sapiens to Homo sapiens. One in gray background, the other in black background to signify the transition from invisibility to visibility, knowledge ends up taking shape.

From NADIR TO ZENITH, the nadir is the lowest imaginary point and the zenith is the highest imaginary point. We rise to the height of knowledge.

MANKIND IN THE CORE OF EXECUTION, human capital is the primary resource for development. Knowledge is lodged in man, humanity is made of knowledge. Investing in people is guaranteed progress.

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