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Africans, know yourself

Inability to develop one's country

The intellectual as he is defined is not so much the one who is there for the easy consumption of concepts which come to him from the outside and in the elaboration of which he did not participate and which escape him because they are designed for a given civilization and in Africa there is some confusion because it is believed that the intellectual is the one who has graduated from college and who is supposed to lead. It is necessary to integrate the fact that the intellectual is the one who has received a certain education and is able to think for himself. In addition, a true intellectual through the cultivation of his mind and the discipline that followed must necessarily be imbued with a certain ethics and he must have an ideal. Above all, he must be an introvert whose thinking draws primarily from the source of his identity. This is not the case in some countries where extraversion characterizes the trends, justifies the choices and is often the basis of various misfortunes that Africa is experiencing.

The reasons for Africa's collapse are both endogenous and exogenous. There are many. A certain discourse of African intellectuals has the misfortune of dwelling on exogenous causes. This mistake has cost Africa dearly. It has cultivated, in the behavior of certain elites, extraversion, the resignation of their responsibilities characterized by a tendency to let others decide the fate of the peoples of the continent. It is one of the main causes of the underdevelopment that the continent is facing today.

The inability of African States to define their own strategies in the face of development challenges. This undermines a youth in need of a model.

To great ills, great remedies. Africa is sick, Africa is dying from the pains of childbirth. Deeply affected by a multifaceted and long crisis. However, hope is allowed.

To save mother and child. Evil is not incurable, man is a transformable being and institutions can be improved. To be effective, therapy must meet certain conditions.

  • It is urgent that Africa find, for the conduct of the affairs of the State, enlightened visionaries selected on the basis of a rigorous profile taking into account the requirements of personal technical competence and especially of moral integrity,

  • Train the people to master the standards of the political game in order to make them capable of validly playing the role of arbiter; to instill in the people the cult of work and discipline,

  • Political will should not be an empty slogan but the very engine of development,

  • Nobility of spirit and service that contrasts with the mediocracy of an intelligentsia (smart power) and a ruling class.


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