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Updated: Nov 14, 2023

《Citizens should understand, and politicians should remember that politics is not a profession, nor a career plan, but an honor given to a few (trained in various fields such as lawyer, doctor, journalist...) to exercise a function representative of all to organize all strata of the State.》

By transforming a mandate into a profession that we sometimes exercise for a lifetime, we are professionalizing politics: endless careers, repeated candidacies, endless comebacks.

Doing politics differently. Believing in Res Publica without wanting to make it your job. Certainly political longevity can be explained by proven experience.

The contribution of lay people to public affairs is a very old idea. In ancient times, the Greeks practiced drawing lots and the rapid rotation of mandates in order, precisely, to promote <self-government of all by all, each being in turn governing and governed>.

Some political scientists have believed that the professionalization of politics has had harmful effects on political life.

Daniel GAXIE (French political scientist), I quote: With professionalization, political power becomes a source of income, which has the effect of encouraging women and men in politics to put the interests of their career before the interests of the nation. This constitutes an instrumentalization of political power.

For Joseph SCHUMPETER (Austrian political economist), the professionalization of political life transposes the producer/consumer economic logic to the political level.

Voters become consumers of policy and politicians become producers of policy.

Which results, as in economics, in an adaptation of the political producer to political demand.

In other words, politicians will prioritize making decisions that satisfy their electorate while maximizing their own profit.

Isn't it high time to get involved in politics otherwise...

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