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  • Nzio BOOTO MAFUTA - Ngawali MOBUTU


To those aspiring to public service, here is what follows:


  1. The sine qua non condition for governing is having strong convictions and a vision because bringing experience alone is not enough. Of course, exercising power means wanting to improve the living conditions of one's compatriots and develop one's country.

  2. Being yourself is difficult. You have to know how to stay humble. Humility is an essential value.

  3. Being in a position of responsibility exposes you to multiple temptations. To avoid this, remember that the worst can happen and keep commandment number 1 in mind.

  4. Accept that your allies today could be your rivals tomorrow and that your adversaries treat you as an enemy. Positions of responsibility imply having to be accountable and also accepting the outcome, good or bad.

  5. Positions of responsibility attract a sterile entourage. You must have the courage to expose the problems without lying to the boss and the boss to accept them with all humility. Because he must keep in mind the interests of his function.

  6. A leader must know how to surround himself. A sincere dialogue with colleagues is more than necessary. They must be able to speak to you from their soul and conscience.

  7. Don't let yourself be carried away by success. There are many uncertainties in the exercise of power. Do not humiliate or allow yourself to be humiliated because humiliation revolts. It calls for revenge, opposes forgiveness and makes us forget the primary goal: remind the first commandment.

  8. Do not enjoy your power to the detriment of anyone. History will remember it.

  9. Human nature is complex. Don't lose sight of the fact that power will bring you new <friends> and will cause you to lose others. We must learn to put things into perspective.

  10. Cultivate yourself, prepare yourself, train.

Preparation meets opportunity.


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